Senchal Lake Darjeeling – Serenity At Its Best!

When we visited the Kanchenjunga Mountain, we were able to see the beauty of the lake from the top of the hill. Since then I really wanted to have a closer look at it. Upon further enquiry with the locals, they told us it is the Senchal Lake, which we saw from the hill top, and it is considered to be an ideal picnic spot among the locals.

The next day we hired a cab and asked the driver to take us to the Senchal Lake and after about 40 min drive we arrived at the lake. The area surrounding the lake was relatively empty giving a calm and serene feel to the place.

The lake is situated at a high elevation above sea level. It offers stunning views of the hilly surroundings. The ice that is melted from the mountains is collected at this lake. The Senchal Lake is not only a tourist spot but also the main water source for the town of Darjeeling.

Senchal Lake Darjeeling

Senchal Lake Darjeeling | Image Resource :

The lake and its surrounding areas are well maintained and the water of the lake is also clean. The lake is surrounded by dense forests of oak, pine and birch.

The lake set in the middle of the sanctuary feels like a nature’s mural so unexpected and beautiful. The sanctuary around the lake is also a beautiful sight to watch with colorful flowers like rhododendrons and orchids it enhances the beauty of the lake by several degrees.

There is a 9-hole golf course and clubhouse just a little ahead of the lake which is largely frequented by the tourist and the local population.

The lake, along with its scenic surroundings, provides perfect place for picture, but the real beauty of the place has to be seen in reality, a picture however clear cannot replicate the actual feel!


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