The Displays At Bengal Natural History Museum Darjeeling Overwhelm You!

Though it is not a major tourist attraction, when we heard of the Bengal natural history museum I was really intrigued and wanted to see and know about the history of the place and its surroundings.

Thus on a lazy afternoon instead of relaxing in the hotel, I took my kids to the museum. It is a small building which displays an array of stuffed wildlife indigenous to the area. Since it was afternoon time, the museums bore a deserted look. There was only one family ahead of us at the ticket counter, the museum charges Rs. 10 as entry fee, which is relatively worth it for the sights present in the museum.

Bengal Natural History Museum Darjeeling

Bengal Natural History Museum Darjeeling | Image Resource :

The display across the museums stated that the museum was initially started to display only butterflies and birds present in the Himalayan region. It now also houses a department for researchers to reach and study the Himalayan birds and animals.

There are two large sections of the museum. One section at the ground level and the other one is at the basement. As you enter the large room at the ground level, there are rows of glass cabinets on both sides. The first section is that of birds.

The museum houses species like Himalayan Brown Wood Owls, Northern spotted owlet, Northern Brown Fish Owl, pheasants, fly catchers, woodpeckers all the bird are displayed in their natural settings on the tree branches, many of them looked as if they were alive .

Marco Polo sheep

Marco Polo sheep | Image Resource :

As we moved around we came across the displays of birds with their nests and the different eggs of different birds, reptiles and fishes, mammals, insects and more. The species displayed at history museum are of real creatures that were captured and preserved.

Bengal Natural History Museum building also has a small library which stocks many rare and valuable books which provide the required information and background about the different species of birds and animals present in the museum, it also has a comfortably reading room for guests.

The Estuarine Crocodile

The Estuarine Crocodile | Image Resource :


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