Kanchenjunga Mountain Darjeeling – One Of The Hidden Gems Of Darjeeling!

After such as long journey, we spent the first day at hotel itself, relaxing and resting. Upon interacting with the hotel staff, we came to know about a sight just 10 minutes away from the hotel.  The Kanchenjunga Mountain, in Darjeeling is just located about 10 minutes drive from the Mall road.

Thus we decided to wake up early next morning to catch the sunrise from the Kanchenjunga view point. Surprisingly, it is not very popular with tourists. However, when we reached there it was there were quite a few locals who had come there for their morning exercises.

The Kanchenjunga Mountain is known as the most precious thing on earth and probably one of the most unforgettable sight points in India. Almost nothing can beat the breathtaking view of the sun rising over the Kanchenjunga and the nearby mountains – absolutely memorable!

Kanchenjunga Mountain Darjeeling

Kanchenjunga Mountain Darjeeling | Image Resource : flickr.com

To catch the sunrise we were told to wake up around 5am the next morning, after appropriately layering with woolen clothes to counter the cold weather.  As we reached there the sky was clear and there were no clouds, it was still dark. At about 6AM the first rays of sun hit the mountain range. And for the next 30 minutes or so the excitement kept unfolding!

The sight of the sunrise was so mesmerizing, it was a view which will stay with me for life, I knew I should take a picture to preserve the moment but instead, I stood there breathing in the mountain air with the mist blowing on my face, and it was truly magical!

I wished I could stay there forever, as the sun rose and lighted up the sky, the crowds around the point increased, mostly of which were locals, who came to complete their daily ritual of mediation or exercising. For me the sight itself was quite calming and mediating.

We remained there for about an hour more, enjoying the atmosphere, we had tea from a nearby stall and then decided to go back to the hotel and continue exploring the other sights.


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