The Excitement Begins -My Journey From Delhi To Darjeeling

Summer vacations are the most awaited time of the year for me. This year to beat the intense summer of Delhi, we decided that we would take a vacation to a place which is relatively cooler. My husband’s friend who had visited Darjeeling suggested that it is an ideal place to beat the heat.

As soon as we decided on Darjeeling, we started making travel arrangements. Making travel arrangements has become very easy now as the online travel portals offer great deals on the Flight Hotel Package for Darjeeling. We selected the Mahanada Express which is quite highly rated, though it takes about 26 hours from Delhi to reach New Jalpaiguri. Since we were a family travelling with kids we booked the 2-tier AC tickets.

Changing Scenery through the Journey From Delhi To Darjeeling Absolutely Awesome!

With several coloring books, games, I tried to keep my kids entertained. Though it was a long journey and sleep evaded through the night, due to the loud noise of the nearby passengers, and the train shuttling. The day time of the journey passed way quite quickly, with fresh rotis, sabzi and snacks arriving at regular intervals.

Mahanada Express

Mahanada Express | Image Resource :

We reached New Jalpaiguri, at 1:15 in the afternoon, the train halts there for 15 mins, which really helped us transfer and alight our luggage comfortably.

Reached Darjeeling in another three hour drive from New Jalpaiguri… Though we chose to hire a private car, there is also another alternative way to reach there by a seven-hour ride on Darjeeling’s famous toy train, the tracks of which are so tightly squeezed between the lanes of the mountain village.

The car driver was well informed and kept us occupied throughout the way by pointing out interesting sights on the way. The lush green hills and the villages flowing pass made for a calming sight. As we climbed higher, the breeze started to cool, making us realize that we have reached Darjeeling. Since we had already pre-booked our hotel, we gave the name to our driver and luckily he was aware about it and took us directly to the hotel.


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