Sarafa Bazaar: A Treat For Foodies

After the trip to Bagh caves we reached Indore back by 9 PM. It was the last day at Indore, so we all decided to utilise the night to try the local street foods of Indore. We visited the Sarafa Bazaar for the purpose as this was the place recommended to us. When we reached the place it looked as if whole city has gathered here.

Our visit to bagh caves and the travel made us very hungry. There was a enormous amount of food items on display at the Bazaar. It was quite confusing as to where to start from and which item to start from; the food items at display doubled our hunger.

Sarafa Bazaar Indore

Sarafa Bazaar Indore | Image Resource :

Sarafa Bazaar is a famous spot for street food in Indore. all the vendors converge on this location in the evening to set up their offerings. The variety of eateries is splendid. They range from samosas, kachoris, pav bhaji, chhole tikiya, poha and maalpua to name a few. The kids had pav bhaji and kachoris while we had dahi vadas and bhajiyas. We also tried the famous khopra pattis at one of the eatries. It’s made from dry coconut and covering of potatoes and were fried in front of us. The chhatni served with it was equally tasty.

The pani puris were also delicious. There wasn’t a single Indian snack which wasn’t available at this market. This place is a jewellery market and in evening it gets transformed into a food street. It is a remarkable place for all the foodies in Indore to visit.

Bhutte ki kees at Sarafa Bazaar

Bhutte ki kees at Sarafa Bazaar | Image Resource :

The place is situated near the Rajwada, a famous spot in Indore. From rajwada one needs to walk to the Sarafa Bazar. We rounded up our street food eating session by having some Maalpua and Rabdis. These local India sweet dishes were too delicious and so we got them packed for our journey back to Delhi.

The trip to Indore is incomplete without tasting the local street food at the various eateries of Sarafa Bazaar. The place is a delight for all the lovers of Indian snacks like kachoris and samosas. We were happy that we saved this place till our last day of our Indore visit. It made us decide to visit the city once again soon.

Sweets at Sarafa Bazar

Sweets at Sarafa Bazar | Image Resource :


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