Bagh Caves: the finest Rock Cut Caves in North India

The trip to the Nehru Park had been thoroughly enjoyed by us especially the kids. We had a short break for lunch and after that we were to head for our next destination which was the Bagh Caves. Bagh Caves as the name suggests are rock cut monuments which are situated at the Southern hill slopes of the Vindhyas.

They are located in the neighbouring district of Indore, Dhar. Bagh is one of the towns in the Bagh district of Madhya Pradesh. The distance from Indore was a bit long but the taxi ride to the Dhar was very refreshing.

The Bagh caves presented a fine example of the Indian rock cut architecture. They were just like the Ajanta caves in Maharashtra. The caves are all manmade and inspired from the Buddhist. They were nine in number but only 5 have survived now. The murals made in the tempera technique are the most mesmerising part of this rock cut caves.

The caves which have survived are used as the Viharas or the monasteries; a small chamber which is at the back is called the prayer hall. It is a prominent site of Buddhist influence, made at those times when Buddhism was spreading all over India and the world.

Bagh Caves Indore

Bagh Caves Indore | Image Resource :

All the caves have beautiful paintings which have still survived thousands of years later. The paintings especially in the Rang Mahal or the Palace of Colours were astonishing. These paintings were executed over the plaster on which lime priming was done. The Cave Number 4 has some amazing paintings and murals. We were quite enthralled at the Bagh Caves, though these caves looked natural but they were all manmade and the paintings inside these cave just added many dimensions to its beauty.

The message of Buddhism and Gautam its founder seemed to have inspired its builder those ancient times. The caves very beautifully and poetically spread the message of Buddhism.

To save some of the paintings from getting deteriorated inside the caves they were carefully removed and transferred to the Archaeological Museum at Gwalior. The caves are a must visit place for everyone who visits Indore, the place is not too far from the city. The lovers of ancient Indian history will be thrilled to visit the Bagh Caves.

Our trip to Indore was now approaching its end so before leaving we wanted to visit some local markets like Sarafa Bazaar.


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