Nehru Park: A stroll in Nature

The trip to Indore had been fun and exciting. All the places we visited so far had so much of history behind it. The different architectures of all the buildings and temples were all fascinating. We decided to now visit some Park. The idea behind this came from kids, so when we enquired about good Parks in Indore, we were advised to visit the Nehru Park. It is popularly known as Chidiya Ghar and is thronged by the locals as it’s a nice picnic spot. Located in the midst of the city the Park is named after Jawaharlal Nehru’s wife, Kamla Nehru.

The par was very big in size spreading to an area of 4000 square feet. The park is the oldest in Indore and was built by the Britishers and was exclusively used by them. It was only after the independence when the Park was made open for all the public and renamed from Biscow Park to Nehru Park. The history behind the park was quite interesting to drew my attention towards it and the Kids seemed quite excited with the idea of visiting it. The Zoo is also a good place to take a healthy walk in the evening.

Nehru Park Indore

Nehru Park Indore | Image Resource :

There is a nice swimming pool inside the park, a library and a train which seemed to be as old as the park. The train was the star attraction at the Park and one could see the excitement of people wanting to get a ride on it. While the kids were having fun and frolic in the park, we also decided to pay a visit to the library. Being an academic, libraries has always been my fascination. On entering the library I was mesmerised not only by the vast collection of books and journals but also the architecture of it which is reminiscent of the Colonial era.

Nehru Park Swimming Pool

Nehru Park Swimming Pool | Image Resource :

The park was very beautifully designed to capture the interest of both children and the grown ups. While children enjoyed the swims, the slides and train rides, the grownups just loved to be at the park amidst some natural beauty. There was still some scope for development and maintenance was needed in many areas of the park so it could be used to its full potential.

After the trip to zoo, we were headed to our next place, Bagh Caves.

Toy Train at Nehru Park Indore

Toy Train at Nehru Park Indore | Image Resource :


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