Mahatma Gandhi Hall: A Fine Example Of British Architecture

Our trip to Indore so far had been very pleasant. We enjoyed each and every location which we visited. The trip to Kaanch mandir and Annapurna mandir had been the highlights of our trip so far. The next place we visited in Indore was the Mahatma Gandhi Hall. The hall was built in the year 1905 and was formerly known as King Edward Hall.

The hall was renamed as Mahatma Gandhi Hall in 1948. It was so far the most elegant architecture that we saw in Indore. The architecture of the building is a fine example of the Indo Gothic style. It was designed by Fredric Stevans who also holds the distinction of designing the Victoria terminus at Mumbai.

The building is made from the Seoni stone which gave it a very beautiful texture. The most striking feature of the hall is its extraordinary steeples and domes. The building also has a clock tower erected in front of the hall, which is why the place is commonly known as the Ghanta Ghar in Indore.

Mahatma Gandhi Hall Indore

Mahatma Gandhi Hall Indore | Image Resource :

The hall has a seating capacity of close to 2000 people and as a result it is used mainly for the purpose of organising conferences, seminars and fairs. The place successfully hosts annual book fairs and other prominent exhibitions in the city. The Mahatma Gandhi Hall also boasts of a library with a vast collection of books on various themes and topics.

The Hall also has a children’s park in the vicinity. The park was used very passionately by the children and they seemed to be the ones who really enjoyed visiting the place. The hall was now only used for organising fairs and exhibitions. I liked the place for its British era architecture. We also visited the library of the building at Mahatma Gandhi Hall. The book collection was very good and the seating facility in the library was nice.

The building with its historic architecture makes it a prominent location in the city but still it needed maintenance and one could see that it was in the state of negligence. The maintenance of the main hall really needed attention. Overall, it was a good trip and we had fun visiting it. After the visit to Mahatma Gandhi hall we stopped for some refreshments and were ready for our next destination, Nehru Park.


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