Annapurna Mandir: A Spiritual Delight to Cherish

After Kaanch Mandir trip was done, we decided to visit the Annapurna temple of Indore. This is yet another famous landmark of the city. The temple as the name suggests is dedicated to Goddess Annapurna, a diety of food. It is famous religious site in Indore and it’s thronged by thousands of pilgrims daily to seek blessings from the Goddess. Even before entering the temple one could hear the ringing of temple bells which are soothing to the ears. In architecture the temple resembles the famous Meenakshi temple of Madurai.

The entrance of the temple is very beautiful, we were quite mesmerised to see the Hindu gods and goddesses carved on it. The divinity in place could be felt inside the complex of the temple. The main complex of the temple houses the idols of Goddesses Annapurna, Gayatri and Kali. There are other temples too inside the premises like that of Shiva, Krishna and Kal Bhairav. The temple also has a big pravachan hall where discourses are given on morality and religious life by various thinkers and gurus.

Annapurna Temple Indore

Annapurna Temple Indore | Image Resource :

One usually finds a huge rush of people inside temples, but Annapurna temple was quite big so the density of people was very low. The architectural beauty of the temple is not the only thing which makes it different from others but it’s also the divine silence once feels when he is inside the temple. Even though the temple is famous for Goddess Annapurna, the part I liked about the temple was the Lord Shiva’s huge statue.

The beauty of the temple cannot be captured in words. One has to visit the place to feel the aura and calmness the temple resonates. One could see the cultural richness and traditions of Hindu religion being so beautifully decorated all around the temple complex. There are numerous statues and paintings all around the complex of the temple. They were splendidly depicting stories from Puranas especially on the childhood of Lord Krishna. The visit to Annapurna temple was like a balm for the soul for all of us.

After the divine visit to Annapurna temple, it was now the turn to visit the Mahatma Gandhi hall of Indore.


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