Kaanch Mandir: Devotion in a 3D temple

So once we were done with our trip to the Royal Lal Bagh Palace, we headed for our next destination. It was the famous Kaanch Mandir of Indore. Kaanch mandir as evident bythe name is a temple which is made entirely out of mirrors and glass. It is also famous by the name of Hukumchand Temple as it was made by the Cotton baron, Seth Hukumchand in the early 20th century. Kaanch Mandir is basically a Jain temple, and all the pillars, ceilings, doors, walls are entirely made from glass and mirrors.

The temple is quite similar to the Sheesh Mahal at Amer Fort near Jaipur, the only difference being is that while the former was the palace the latter is a temple. When we reached the temple there were a large number of tourists from all around the world, which shows how unique the place is and its prominence as a famous tourists spot of Indore. The temple is decorated with fine Chinese lantern style glass lamps and chandeliers made from glass cut. The interiors of the temple were simply breathtaking. The murals inside the temple very artistically depict the stories from Jain scriptures. The life and teachings of Lord Mahaveera is very poetically decorated in the Kaanch mandir.

Kaanch Mandir Indore

Kaanch Mandir Indore | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

One wonders why we don’t get to see such architectures and such artistic knowledge in modern infrastructures. Those really seem to be the times when artistic knowledge was appreciated and rewarded, compared to today’s time when everything seems commercial even the temples. On the flipside there’s also a fact worth noting that the Kaanch mahal is a temple dedicated to Jainism, a religion which advocates simple living or rather living a life of austerity. For such a religion the temple is way too attractive and colourful.

We enjoyed a lot at the temple and the kids seemed to be too much fascinated by the 3D effects that the colourful glasses produced. The temple is an important site for Jain devotees; they come to worship Lord Mahavira whose idol is made from black onyx. Our trip to Kaanch temple was very fascinated. Everyone seemed happy in visiting such a unique place.

We decided to take some rest and try some local cuisine after which we were to visit our next destination, Annapurna temple.


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