Lal Bagh Palace: An Indo – European architectural marvel

We were all fascinated by the artistic beauty of the artefacts collected at the Central Museum in Indore. After winding up our Central Museum trip we were now ready to visit our next destination, the famous Lal Bagh Palace of Indore. Located on the outskirts of the town, Lal Bagh Palace is a three story building and said to be the most spectacular one in the city. It was built in a period of 35 years from 1886 – 1921 by Maharaja Shivaji Rao Holkar. The palace magnificently reflects the royal culture and rich heritage of the Holkar rulers.

Lal Bagh Palace Indore

Lal Bagh Palace Indore | Image Resource :

The palace is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful residences of India; it stands at the same level of those beautiful palaces of Rajasthan. The entrance to the hall of the Palace is in marbles and displays some prehistoric artefacts and coins from the Muslim period. The interiors of the Lal Bagh Palace are going to make anyone awestruck. It is built in the styles of the Versailles palace and other palaces of medieval Europe. Inside there are lavish decorations like chandeliers, Persian carpets, stuffed Tigers and Leopards, Paintings and murals from Belgium,. This is evidence to the fact that Holkar rulers were fascinated and inspired by Italian and other European art and cultures.

Equally impressive are the gates of the Palace. They are a replica of the gates at the Buckingham Palace of London, but are twice their sizes. They were all made in England in the 19th century in cast iron and imported on steamed ships from there. The kitchen of the palace lies on the opposite bank of the river and to connect it with the palace an underground tunnel was made. This was both weird and amazing at the same time. The palace is another fine example of the rich bourgeoisie class which existed in India in the late 19th and early 20th century. The rich Holkar rulers really celebrated their lives inside this palace.

Lal Bagh Palace

Lal Bagh Palace | Image Resource :

The rooms of the Palace has now been renovated and restored into a museum. The architectural marvel of the Lal Bagh Palace shows the westernized outlook of the Holkar rulers and signifies the incoming of European Modernity into India. The palace is again a must visit site for all the people who visit the Indore city. We enjoyed the time spent in the palace and were ready for our next destination, Kaanch Mandir.


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