Central Museum, Indore: A visual treat for lovers of medieval and ancient Indian history

So after our lunch and a short nap at the hotel, we were ready to enjoy the city. The first stop of our trip was the Central Museum of Indore. Located near the General Post Office of Indore, Central museum is said to one of the most interesting buildings in the city. The place was chosen by me to visit first, for my love for history. Kids also have a great interest in history of India, so Central Museum was the best place to choose in the beginning of our trip.

Central Museum is a treat for anyone who has an interest in the rich history and civilization of the country which existed in the pre historic era.  The most prominent feature of the museum is the intricate sculptures in Parmar style from Hinglajgarh. The Parmar style is said to be originated from here only. The sculptures had fine depictions with very beautifully and artistically carved figures in stone. Central Museum also has a rich and a vast collection of Hindu and Jain sculptures of medieval and pre medieval times. These sculptures date back centuries from the rule of the Guptas to the Paramanas. The artistic capability of the people that time was just amazing.

Central Museum, Indore

Central Museum, Indore | Image Resource : touristlink.com

The sculptures which enthralled me the most were Lord Harihara, Lord Shiva and his consort  Parvati seated on Nandi, Goddess Parvati standing on a damaged Chamunda. The museum also boasts of having preserved the architectural remains from 11th century, among which the most naotable is a door frame richly carved with figures and ornamentations. The place is a visual treat for the lovers of medieval Indian history.

The Central Museum is divided into two Galleries, Gallery I displays the collections of arts and artefacts from the pre historic Madhya Pradesh, while Gallery II has housed all the mythological carvings. The trip to Central Museum was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. There was a lot of knowledge for the kids and for us to take back from this place. It was overall a wonderful start to our Indore trip.

Central Museum in Indore

Central Museum in Indore | Image Resource : amazingmadhyapradesh.blogspot.com

The next destination we planned to visit was the Lal Baag Palace.


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