The Fun Begins: Malwa Express to Indore from NDLS.

Hi everyone. As the holidays approached I decided to go on another holiday trip with my family. This time we decided to visit Central India. Our unanimous choice was some city of Madhya Pradesh, so we decided to go to Indore. The entire planning part of travel was my area of concern so I booked tickets for AC upper class in Malwa express for our trip.  Malwa express is one of the best superfast trains on the New Delhi to Indore route. It starts from Jammu and reaches New Delhi at about 7 in the evening.

We left for the station at 5:30 pm from our home, because considering the evening traffic on Delhi roads and specially the time being a rush hour it would have taken time to reach the railway station. We had hired a cab in advance which dropped us at the New Delhi Railway station at 6:45 pm and by the time we entered the station we came to know through announcement that our train Malwa Express was standing on platform number 2. We checked in our coach and the train left New Delhi by 7:30 PM. Train journey in Indian railways is always an experience worth having. Kids were very excited for the train journey. They are always more interested in the journey part rather than reaching the destination.

New Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi Railway Station | Image Resource :

When the train reached Palwal station at around 8:30 PM we decided to have our dinner. For the train journey I had a light dinner packed for all of us. We had puri sabzi along with some papad and pickles. After the dinner, kids went back to continue with their games and we started chatting and planning about our trip. Luckily one of the fellow passengers on train was a local from Indore and he gave us some nice information on which places to visit in Indore.

When the train had reached Agra at 10 PM we were all slept and when we woke up in the morning the train was standing at the Bhopal platform. The train journey was a bit long as Indore is about 1000 kms from Delhi. However the train reached Indore on time at 12:30 PM which is a rare achievement by Indian railways specially by a train on New Delhi to Indore route. We got off the train and went towards the exit gate.

Malwa Express

Malwa Express | Image Resource :

Hundreds of taxi drivers approached us; we hired one of them to take us to our hotel which I had already booked in advance.

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