Bhadbhada Dam Bhopal – Refreshment of Mind

After a dip in history, it was time to be amidst nature. To make most of my time in the city I decided to go to Bhadbhada Dam Bhopal. The fun in being outdoors is indeed much better than that in being indoors, and to maximize it the dam I travelled to, offered me a lot of excitement. The cool breeze blowing near the dam is the core why tourists and the local people gather in a swarm to check the place. Not only the couples but also families and group friends were present at the sweet spot and they were delighted to be there.

The romantic setting made everyone fall for the place. The soothing effect of water is one of a kind. The calm breeze and the crystal-clear water made me feel energetic. Away from the pollution of the city, this undisturbed atmosphere made me forget every little tension and trouble I might have in the city. Children and adults no matter what age group they belonged to enjoyed the time of their life.

Bhadbhada Dam Bhopal

Bhadbhada Dam Bhopal | Image Resource :

It was not even minutes when I started realizing about the healing touch of the place in my mind. It indeed is a pretty place but the contamination done because of the presence of human life nearby has caused disastrous effect too. Aside from littering, the pollution created by the settlers locating near the dam did not showed a bright picture overall. Instead of such unhygienic problems, the local authority along with the central government made all the necessary arrangements to save the uniqueness of the place.

Sair Sapata Bridge Near Bhadbhada, Bhopal

Sair Sapata Bridge Near Bhadbhada, Bhopal | Image Resource :

People were also showing concerns to protect the beauty of the place by making right choices and choosing paper and cloth packets over the plastic one. Small group of people nearby made an awareness camp for the dam. Instead of being a human-made, it was no less magnificent than the natural beauty.

View from Bhadbhada Gate, Bhopal

View from Bhadbhada Gate, Bhopal | Image Resource :

The glazing and thundering water noises roared all over the city. I spend quite a relaxing time at the Bhadbhada Dam Bhopal, and started back to my hotel for reviving energy for my next destination, which was Bhimbetka Caves, also located in Bhopal.


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