Hotel Midland Bhopal – Offering a Homely Experience

The journey to Bhopal came wrapped in surprises. I was unknown with the city’s cleanliness and fresh air. Women are free to travel on their two-wheeler. School and college students do not show the lines of stress on their forehead. They are so free to grasp the knowledge. Summing up, it is exactly what Delhi is, cheerful and active in all terms. Only difference is the size of area. I caught the route to Hotel Midland Bhopal and soon the cab was on its doorstep. The hotel really looks excellent from outside, affordable yet contemporary with all the relevant features.

I moved inside to check my pre-allotted room. The reception was ready with the entire smile to welcome me. Oh God! I was so surprised to see that gesture which I miss sometime in Delhi. Good conduct and ready to serve behavior of the team made me satisfied in the beginning. I could make an idea of its hospitality. I was quiet tired of the journey and so I preferred to reenergize myself with a hot water bath and take a few minutes rest.

Hotel Midland Bhopal

Hotel Midland Bhopal | Image Resource :

The journey was about to begin and I was in an exciting mood. Suddenly the door was knocked. I was surprised. It was the boy to ask me for the tea and lunch. After spending long hours with my students I always see them in every young girl and boy. They look so much familiar. I smiled and ordered him for a cup of tea followed with two stuffed chapattis and two curried vegetables. Curd is a must for me. My lunch is incomplete without it. Soon I was ready finishing my lunch and gear up for the journey. The room was giving me comfort and a feel of homely. It is actually very well-furnished with all the amenities.

The premise of the Hotel Midland Bhopal is awe-inspiring. I was astonished to see the management. All work to their heart out. Glancing at the hotel’s ambience I moved out of the premises where the taxi was waiting for me to take me to Laximi Narayan Temple Bhopal.


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