Ginnorgarh Fort Bhopal – Untold Side of History Revealed

In search of new experiences, I reached Ginnorgarh Fort Bhopal. Vintage and classic places were also my favourite, and in the city of Bhopal, nothing can be more ancient than Ginnorgarh Fort of Bhopal. Located at the outskirts of the city, the place is away from the grime of daily life. Lovely forests and a picnic spot is the key that attracts innumerable tourists every day.  The rich history of the fort describes that it was under the rule of Gonds earlier, but later it became a part of the Dost Mohammad reign, who was the ruler of Bhopal. Accessed only by foot from Delawadi, Ginnorgarh Fort contains some of the untold history of Indian rulers.

To check more about this vintage fort, I went to the five-floor pond. I stood there admiring the beauty of the place and thought about the marvellous natural serenity. Water passing through the little creeks with the long trees and bushes standing there gave a picture of the nature elegance. This happy location had some sad perspective. Instead of the glowing water, I could not feel its calmness because of the unhygienic condition.

Ginnorgarh Fort Bhopal

Ginnorgarh Fort Bhopal | Image Resource :

My imagination about the fort was completely wrong when I got a chance to take a view of the fort. Instead of money spent on the renovation of the fort, it does not add up much appeal. The walls of the fort are nearly faded and with this historical fort standing on an isolated hill, architectural uniqueness of the fort is nearly vanished. The only one thing left attractive in the place was the untouched wild side. Jungles and lakes made mesmerizing views, which no nature lover can resists.

It was time to leave Ginnorgarh Fort Bhopal and start a new expedition to Bhadbhada Dam. I had to make my way back trekking on the foot as buses and cabs do not enter the roads near the fort because of its harsh roadways. It was a trekking experience for me, but no matter how the condition of the place was, I enjoyed myself thoroughly. With the end of this journey I started my new one.


One thought on “Ginnorgarh Fort Bhopal – Untold Side of History Revealed

  1. Wonderful description. Would surely explore it on my next trip to India. I believe it does not come within the Archaeological Survey of India management. I would try to pull some strings and see what could be done.


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