Bharat Bhavan Bhopal – A True Portrait of Indian Culture and Performing Arts

Nothing survives for long in this ever changing world. Innovations and creative arts have taken new leaps and bounds in the present contemporary world. Fine arts and performances have paved new ways of depicting the culture and literature. Bharat Bhavan Bhopal is among such centers that have contributed in the sector of visual, verbal and performing arts. Students having quest for expressing their thoughts and innovations can perform in this center. Dance, music, theater, drama, etc., are the core of life. One can depict the society in its true origin and present culture.

Inaugurated by Srimati Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India, in the year 1982 on 13th Feb, the center possesses some of the landscaped views of the garden and lake. I reached the courtyard to walk down the different segments of the center. Each of the segments has its distinct features. They define them in their own terms.

Bharat Bhavan Bhopal

Bharat Bhavan Bhopal | Image Resource :

There are oblique paths to get around and explore the center. Moving to this centre was a feast for my eyes. Nothing was there that could be missed out. By God’s grace it was a good decision to visit the place next day. It gave me enough of time to go through it intimately. My eyes got stuck to all the segments as I am a true follower of depicting the life in form of dance and drama.

Theater arts give me enough pastimes during the weekends. I figured out the six organized things, which I liked the most. The first is ‘Roopankar’ that houses modern art with tribal and folk art; the second is the ‘Rangmandal’, the theater with different segments. ‘Vagarath’ is the house of Indian poetry, both ancient and modern. ‘Anahad’ comprises of classical and tribal music, while ‘Nirala Srijanpeeth’ is the centre for creative writing. ‘Ashram’ and ‘Chhavi’ are the centers of artists and writers and classical cinema respectively.

Open Air Theatre at Bharat Bhavan

Open Air Theatre at Bharat Bhavan | Image Resource :

Gond Painting

Gond Painting | Image Resource :

I was truly enthralled by the organized way of performing arts in Bharat Bhavan Bhopal. It endowed me distinct features in my travelling experience. I took a lot of unforgettable memories to be shared and cherished forever in my life both personally and professionally.

A Tribal Art

A Tribal Art | Image Resource :


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