Birla Museum Bhopal – Highlighting the State’s Profound and Varied Culture

A spiritual expedition to Birla Temple energized me to much extent. Now I was excited to visit Birla Museum Bhopal in the vicinity. It was again a part of my profession, overflowing the knowledge of history and science. I am forever prepared to grasp it. I love to explore museums as they provide profound acquaintance and awareness of Indian History. A well-preserved massive building with some sculptures in the garden, the museum is breathtaking. Art and sculpture is something of which India is famous for.

Birla Museum Bhopal

Birla Museum Bhopal | Image Resource :

I entered the gigantic hall, the main entrance of the museum. I took my steps towards left to visit Shiva Gallery with two of the 10th century artistic sculptures. Some of them include Ashapuri, Uma-Maheshwari, and Ganesha in dance form. Turning to clockwise direction there are the paintings of Stone Age in white and red colors. The paintings cover the Bhimbhetka rock. Then is the Vishnu Gallery that too is stuffed with paintings and old sculptures.

Established in the year 1971, the museum houses and preserves the rare artifacts and evidences of the pre-historical and medieval period. It highlights the rich cultural heritage and custom of Madhya Pradesh through its exhibits and displays. It genuinely depicts and endeavors the varied tradition and civilization of Madhya Pradesh with profundity. The tools are also on displays that were used by the primitive men during their ages of Neolithic and Paleolithic. The Teracotta and ancient manuscripts of 2nd century BC up till 6th century AD are well preserved and exquisitely exhibited in the museum.

Interested tourists of archeology find this place for their exploration and deep knowledge. Moreover, they are immensely benefited by these exhibits and manuscripts. Actually, I was left with less time to discover all of them. So it was better to leave the place, though I did not want to. All other places were there waiting for me to delight me with their appearance. The Birla Museum Bhopal remained an excellent opportunity for me. I was overwhelmed to rediscover my own country at so close. I left the place soon to march towards the Gohar Mahal Bhopal.


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