Lakshmi Narayan Temple Bhopal – Mystical and Exquisite

Age is not the factor when travelling comes to me. I am on the gateway of 40s and when I look back, I can see the years of experience and joy of travelling. Life has taught me innumerable things and yet I have the quest for wisdom. In fact, the quest should never end till the last breath.

Wisdom and knowledge gives your life a new dimension every day. I am not dependable on anyone and free to live my own life. I choose the places of my own. Lakshmi Narayan Temple Bhopal was added to my itinerary because I am a blind follower of Lord Krishna. What could be better starting a journey with name of God?

I think I do not require explaining the original features of Hindu God. Everyone knows everything. Narayan, the creator, protector and destroyer of the universe and Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity looks amazing in Birla Temple. Both the super mighty deities are carved on white marble with blessed features. Idol of sanctity and divine, Lakshmi Narayan beckons everyone with favors they want.

Dwellers say that all the wishes come true in this temple with the blessings of Lord Narayan and Goddess Laxmi. It’s so mystical that the temple is located in the city of Lakes, Bhopal. The pictorial setting and the breathtaking landscape in and around the temple add allure to the city. Since the temple is the creation of Birla family, it is probably name as Birla Temple. There are more Hindu deities positioned inside the temple, including Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The meticulously carved architecture of the temple has an exceptional charm. The visitors’ inflow is plenty over here. Most of the tourists come just to delight the huge built architecture of the temple. Majestic archway at the entrance is the distinct feature of the temple.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple Bhopal has exquisite view of the Creator. I was blessed with inner peace for a while. This was enough for me to continue with my journey. The Birla Museum lies next to the temple and I headed for it without missing.


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