Train Travel from New Delhi to Bhopal By Bhopal Shatabdi Express – A Good Beginning of a Solace Journey

Being a professor, my work profile allows me to quest for knowledge every now and then. Putting my head inside the books and computer are the chores of my profession. Honestly, I enjoy it to the core. I never felt complaining when the question occurs for work stress. The reason behind it is my family vacations. It bequeaths me to rediscover and de-stress myself from all the worldly commitments. Travelling is something a sort of meditation for me. It always leaves me blissful. My ticket booking was made easy by rail booking app installed in my phone.

Walking out of New Delhi for a while provide me immense contentment, so as the train travel from New Delhi to Bhopal by Bhopal Shatabdi Express.

Bhopal Shatabdi Express

Bhopal Shatabdi Express | Image Resource :

It hardly takes 8 hours to reach Bhopal by the super-fast Shatabdi Express. And this time I planned to travel alone for my kids and husband are preoccupied with studies and work respectively. Travelling in the early morning is always dessert for me, which is generally served after a delicious meal. The sweetness was spellbinding. The explicit view of the sunrise from the station’s platform cannot be expressed in words. Having some sips of the tea, I got inside the train as it was about to depart. Soon major stopovers namely Mathura Junction, Agra, Gwalior and others passed on. The Shatabdi Express is a train all in one. From providing breakfast to mid-morning snacks it has everything to serve that lists my favorites.

Relishing delicious breakfast on the train seats and that with the menu of IRCTC is simply awesome. Unaware of the upcoming journey, I wanted to live my present moment to heartfelt on the express train. I knew it is going to rock my journey. I have the habit of carrying books while travelling. It relaxes me to the core. After certain hours of reading the destination arrived on time. As usual, Shatabdi Express presented its certificate of punctuality. That’s what I favor the most for this train.

So, the train travel from New Delhi to Bhopal by Bhopal Shatabdi Express proved to me satisfactory. Hopefully, I headed towards the platform end and looked for the cab to travel in the route of the Hotel Midland. Since the rooms were pre-booked online I took a sigh of relief.

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