Chandola Lake in Ahmadabad – A Replenishing and Refreshing Journey

It had been a great going holidays till now, with a lot of fond memories and learning expedition. The city of Gujratis, Ahmedabad has more or less to a certain extent inculcated me also with its divine spiritualism and warmth in the nature. I am overwhelmed with all the experiences gathered during my stay in the city. The attractions on my itineraries were all marvelous and filled with charm. The learning from my hobby of reading vintage books in my leisure hours, has, to a great extent taken a form of reality in this city, while visiting the sculptures and architectural structures. ‘Literature has no ends to it’, this motto of my life have inspired me always to extract and explore the new world with changing environments and situation. With a complete certainty of grand visit and warm welcoming, I headed towards the last spot of my vacation, Chandola Lake in Ahmedabad.

Chandola Lake in Ahmadabad

Chandola Lake in Ahmadabad | Image Resource :

An artificial lake, yet real in view is an actual gift to the city. It’s a natural pride, created during the Mughal era, for a purpose to serve the people. I was stunned to see its beauty. Created at Dani Limda Road in Ahmedabad, the lake serves the people of the city, for their industrial and irrigation purpose. Processing the waste oil and [plastic as well as the agricultural works are also undergone through this famous water reservoir. Though made for the overall development of the city, yet visitors like me fine their peace and calm while taking a leisure stroll around the lake. But to my disappointments was the canal chocked with garbage and filth due to encroachment of large scale industries.

It was the time to bid adieu to the city and the famous Chandola Lake in Ahmedabad and move on to wind up our journey. A fantastic and a long story to narrate to my friends and relatives are accelerating my anxiety to run back to my home, sweet home. The visit to Ahmedabad would surely be the finest and the memorable one among all. An everlasting memory would linger in my mind and heart for the rest of my life.


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