Swaminarayan Temple Ahmedabad – Simply Divine

After the accomplishment of the journey of the day to the famous mosque, our tummy was full of hunger. The only thought of lips smacking and yummy dishes, though many already been tasted, was actually mouth watering. A peculiarity of sweetened flavor in all the dishes of Ahmadabad reveals their uniqueness in terms of food. This time we settled down to dine at a nearby food restaurant famous for Gujarati thalis. It was simply awesome and delicious, with several items at an affordable price. We had our appetite full with vegetable curry called “shaak”, roti, rice and a variety of bread like thepla, maalpurah, puri and a desert complementing it. Endorsed with a sweet end of the day, I was fully excited about the next part of the journey on the very next morning. The inspirational and the peaceful Swaminarayan temple, Ahmedabad was the next attraction to visit.

Swaminarayan Temple Ahmedabad

Swaminarayan Temple Ahmedabad | Image Resource : smvs.org

One of its kinds, this temple has been engraved with marvelous art and crafting. The most prominent one, located at Kalupur in Ahmedabad, is always been the chief attraction site being thronged by people in huge numbers. I must say, Swaminarayan, the founder has given his level best instruction to accomplish its construction. The intrinsic values, religious beliefs and the faith among the devotees for the deity of the temple, Narayan Dev, result in the congregation of the visitors to seek the blessings. I am highly impressed to its beautification with fine wooden carvings and mesmerizing structural designs. The Gujarati style and culture are the jewels, adorned to the interior and exterior of the holy place. The unbeatable charm and really commendable architectural style drove me and my family to the ancient Indian history. The writings on the wall were highly inspirational and captured my mind accentuating my trivia of learning literature.

I was fully immersed into its colorful and opulent carvings. With every embellished wooden arch and column, the several division like Akshar Bhavan on the ground and first floor, Rang Mahal, specialized temple for women(west), Haveli (north), Haveli(east), are the undeniable part of the mansion. The most appealing and appalled view of the temple is the sprawling green lawn enclosing the temple. The nine tombs known as ‘Nau Gaj Pir’ have its own remarkable effect on the visitors. It was a worth visit to this luring and elegant part of the city. Heading towards the other phase of the day, I was on the verge of completion of the journey. The Chandola Lake in Ahmedabad was my last spot of the vacation.


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