Rani Rupmati Mosque Ahmedabad – A Blend of Hindu and Muslim Style of Architecture

What an overwhelming journey to this city of culture. Each and every section of the land is full of heritage and Indian beauty. Enriched with classy lifestyle and modernity in living, all the four directions of the place have their own impact and importance. Right from the era of Mughal dynasty to the modern scientific technology, the city is full of innovations. I am enjoying my vacation thoroughly and moving towards my next destined spot, Rani Rupmati Mosque, Ahmedabad.

Rani Rupmati Mosque Ahmedabad

Rani Rupmati Mosque Ahmedabad | Image Resource : beautifulmosques.com

What a trip it was turning out to be? We had been enjoying the architectural marvels of India. The medieval mosques and structures remind of the Islamic pre-Mughal city and are the reminiscence of the same. No wonder, many of them represent a complete mix of Hindu and Muslim architecture. All through the sightseeing trips, I tried to pass on my knowledge about these wonders to my kids because I know they reflect the culture and heritage of our country.

The architectural marvel of the Rani Rupmati mosque is a glaring impression of India’s rich cultural heritage and art. A perfect blend of the Hindu and Muslim style of art, it is an oldest mosque of the city. The magnificent pillars, Indo-Sarcenic architecture, and the fine engravings were marks of zeal into my eyes. I am still revitalizing my memory of those structures known for their exquisitely carved arches and corner minarets. The view of the mosque from all the sides was tempting and influencing. Whatever has been whispered by us within the interiors of the mosque actually echoed to our own ears. The mosque has its own story of Mughal period, thus built with those inspiration and wisdom. The structure consists of the three huge domes, slender and thin minarets, finely carved galleries and a central arch. All the three are connected together to a common flat roof which was an eye appealing view.

The famous sight of Rani Rupmati mosque Ahmedabad was a mixture of rich heritage, education and worth experience. I was on my full fledged journey and expedition to explore the whole of Ahmedabad. My next visiting spot was Swaminarayan temple, Ahmedabad, one of the best and peaceful areas of the tourists’ attraction.


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