Adalaj Vav Ahmedabad – Uniqueness in Design

For reason best explained in my blog, I was in the middle of my sightseeing trip in Ahmedabad. I was quite excited with my experience and understanding of the splendid architecture and the traces of ancient art in the country.  Out of the world of modern technique and development, the next destination was a complete treasure to the Indian heritage and culture. From the areas of entertainment and recreation, I have entered into a very famous pilgrim and caravan spot, built hundreds of years ago to give a sense of peace and warmth in the heart of city. The Adalaj Vav in Ahmedabad has set a true example of Indian religion and its values to the common human beings. Not only is it the base of culture and utility, the place actually a refuge to spiritualism.

Adalaj Vav Ahmedabad

Adalaj Vav Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

Like many other tourists visiting the spot, I myself also get carried away with its architectural embellishments and fine carvings. A five storey structure, octagonal in shape, spacious flooring, intricately carved and beautifully designed pillars are the prominent features that fetched my complete attention. I was actually spellbound to its engravings.

The most remarkable was the sight of three entrance stairs which makes it unique among the all. While having a talk with the local habitants who visited the place at the same time, I was astonished to know that the depictions of Ami Khumbor (water pot of life) and the Kalp Vriksha (a tree of life), carved from the single block, within the Vav, have a great significance and are worshipped during any ritualistic ceremonies or marriages. Being a replica of Indian culture and bestowed with religious belief and faith, this spot was a mesmerizing and memorable one for me.

The Adalaj Vav was indeed a fine experience to my mind filling me up with religious spirits and faith. The thoughts of the local beings are still afresh in my mind. Then it was time to the pleasures of Mughal era, Rani Rupmati mosque, Ahmedabad. I have already read about the place in some ancient story book but a visit to the place was always a dream to my mind.


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