Science City Ahmedabad – An Accomplished Endeavor of Learning Science with Fun

Almost half of my expedition has been completed, and we are on the move to the next place of recreation. Ahmedabad has always been a versatile city, full of amusement, enjoyment, and learning and the most importantly, an inspirational recreation zone. My children were always my priority throughout my journey. The complete plan was framed keeping in mind, their field of interest, their rejoicing mood and of course an induced sense of learning while travelling. As can be clearly noticed in all the previous blogs, that I had been a bit selfish while making a choice of the places to visit. My tempting and craving love for nature and learning literature has completely engrossed me to visit them. But then it was time for the kids. So the next place of excitement was on the demands of my siblings, i.e., Science city Ahmedabad. As the name itself resembles the exploring of science, the place is actually worth visiting.

Science City Ahmedabad

Science City Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

An ambitious initiation taken by government of Gujarat to construct science city, on the land of Ahmedabad has undoubtedly, triggered the mind of the tourists as well as the local habitants with a wide knowledge of science and imaginations. It was actually a land of fantasies for my kids, about which they had read only in the books and other articles. With an aid of experiential and entertaining wisdom, the Science City is an accomplished structure situated off the Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway. The areas of enthusiasm like, musical dancing fountain, 3D IMAX theatre, simulation and the energy park were indeed the places of having a gala time for me and my family. As far as my sense of learning is concerned, the investments incurred for this splendid and informative place of attraction holds a perfect blend of ecological awareness along with the proper use of science.

This part of our travelling to Science city in Ahmedabad has actually inculcated us with an innovative form of knowledge with some activity corners, live demonstration, laboratories and wide displays. With a glimpse into the galaxy of development and technology, I decided to head towards my next designated spot, Adlaj Vav Ahmedabad. The sun struggling to settle down, calm and moist air around my face, and a pleasing environment, with no trace of tiredness, I was still afresh and hence, geared up to visit the next place.

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