Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum Ahmedabad – Merging of Two Different Backgrounds

Being passionate for vintage books, I also have eagerness to wander and seek for numerous historic cities of India. This has pulled out the hidden nomad in me and has made me enthusiastic to explore the Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum in Ahmedabad. The memories are still transparent at the back of my mind as those were some of the interesting sides of my travel life. I have always liked the historical artefacts and relics that depict the past splendid glory of my nation. Being patriotic by heart, I always grab those opportunities which take me to the depths of ancient India, its origin and civilization. The museum proved to be the same for me. The pre-Mughal miniscule paintings, sculptures and historic bits and pieces are the paramount exhibits of the museum.

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum Ahmedabad

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

I was highly awestruck after knowing the fact that the merged energy and visualization of two different personalities from opposite backgrounds and created this massive museum. They were Muni Shri Punyavijayji and Seth Kasturbhai Lalbhai, a perceptive hermit scholar and celebrated industrialist of Ahmedabad respectively. I endeavoured my tribute to them with heartfelt regards for their immense contribution to the nation through their archived and preserved ancient artefacts.

The museum is segmented into a number of galleries and it was hard for us to explore all of them within the stipulated time. It requires bulk of energy and endurance to discover the entire museum at a time. So we decided picking few of the major and interesting galleries that included Madhuri D. Desai Gallery and Shri Arvindbhai Collection. Besides these how could I forget to observe the galleries of those acknowledging personalities with whom I was immensely impressed. There are well known palm-leaf manuscripts displayed in Muni Punyavijayji Collection followed with pre-Mughal paintings and some of the finest collectives of Jain Pilgrimage painted arts.

The illustrations are majestic and immense to be accomplished on time and expressed in words. The day was hectically ended with hunger cravings and my kids were yelling like anything. I had to pick myself from the grounds of Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum Ahmedabad to further survive with some intakes that I had not consumed for so long and the journey met with a short break.


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