Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad – Evidence of Gandhiji’s Selfless Contribution

The British ruling era in India existed for countless decades rather than constant years, but at last India got its cup of tea after prolong battleship of violence and non-violence from opposite ends. Mahatma Gandhi was the follower of non-violence, who, with his heroic attempts, formed a plethora of followers behind him. His prompt efforts and access to freedom of India was successfully emerged with affluent colours of our flag gushing in the air liberally. Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad is the witness of that unforgettable epoch.

Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad

Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

This Satyagraha Ashram on the Sabarmati banks was established by our non-violence struggling hero, Mahatma Gandhi. We reached there by 10 in the morning and continued with its exhibits that display the art of whirling and weaving the yarn to make Khadi clothes. The biographies of his unmatchable deeds are duly respected in this ashram and I was keenly gazing at all of them. We moved through Gandhi Smarak Sanghralaya, a petite museum with excellent written and graphic documentation, a library of Gandhi’s philosophies and literatures followed with his paintings.

I was overwhelmed and emotionally touched by the massive collection of letters that were written by Gandhiji with profound gestures. The base of the Ashram includes Hridaykunj, where I browsed the scarce living quarters of Gandhiji. Another is the place where we moved around to see the staying place of Vinoba and Mira. The most interesting part that I was impressed with was the training centre, for small scale and cottage industries. He was a saviour for India’s independence and strengthened its foundation with some of his contributions that are portrayed there in form of museum. I was in my utmost meditative spirit when I moved inside the grounds of this sacred domain. His non gaining organization is named as Manav Sadhna and is profoundly dedicated to serve others before self.

The best part of the voyage inside Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad was the narrative disclosed by some of the old-age personalities who worked with Gandhiji in his procession of non-violence and many more, at that specified time. Being proud of my fortune I left the place and headed towards the next number of my itinerary namely Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum Ahmedabad.


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