Iskcon Temple Ahmedabad – Portray of Mysticism

Conquering the world with peace and spirituality reveals positive impact of an individual and its surroundings. The Iskon Temple in Ahmedabad is the live testimony of the same beliefs. Professor by my job profile, I have read countless books on various subjects, but the subject of spirituality carries its own principles and is very much applicable to practicality, as far as I believe. Moreover, the innumerable temples of India are the witness to it. Likewise, the Radhe Krishna Dham of this iconic temple portrays the message of unconditional love in this world of material.

Iskcon Temple Ahmedabad

Iskcon Temple Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

The abbreviation that describes ISKCON well is International Society for Krishna Consciousness. This embodiment of true love is celebrated throughout the world. The devotees get tranquil and serenity in the vast green grounds of the temple that is encircled with lovely trees forming canopy to the roof of the temple. Chandelier attributes and shrine’s devoutness has made the place blissful in every prospect. The regular sessions of prayers followed with Keertans and chanting of mantras leave the devotees lost in sanctity and that so happened with me.

The beautifully architected temple calls thousands of devotees to this hub of divine love and reconciliation. I was wondering if I would have one of those who participate in the festival of ‘Janmashtami’ every year with ‘Nand Mahotsav’, which reveals the birth and upbringing of Lord Krishna in this world of materialism. The marble carved idol of Shri Radhe Krishna is alive with sparkling eyes and it is the great achievement I held in the beginning of my expedition.

We snooped the soothing Keertans of Shri Radhe Krishna and I was melting somewhere with emotions that was constantly stemming in my heart. This was emerging my concealed mysticism with diversified conducts and I burst into varied emotions as if I was waiting long for this opportunity to come across. I banned my emotions to some extent and tried to distract myself from the present atmosphere. I managed to do so very hard but succeeded at last to leave the Iskcon Temple and head towards one more place of worship simply called Sabarmati Asharam.

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