Train Travel from Delhi to Ahmedabad by Ala Hazrat Express – A Tryst with My Childhood Days

People think that the life of a professor is entirely based on books and colleges and the wisdom and knowledge that he/she imparts to the students. But something is there beyond this. It is your very own independent life and thoughts, which do not have any boundaries and are strongly your possessions. It was the time when my husband and I decided to escape from our regular commitments and planned for an expedition. It started with my train travel from Delhi to Ahmedabad by Ala Hazrat Express. The day was sunny and we had to catch the train at 11 in the morning to check our allotted seats. My kids were literary excited to observe Gujarat’s happening city. Life is always wrapped in revelations and I passionately loom towards them.

Ala Hazrat Express

Ala Hazrat Express | Image Resource :

By the time I was wondering of the life’s philosophies, Gurgaon arrived after an hour. We had some refreshments and headed towards our preplanned activities in the train as it was necessary to cope up with my trotting kids. Gushing through the paddy fields, wide rivers and diverse landscapes, the train was acting as a showman. I was gazing outside the window with deep breathes, celebrating every moment of the rocking train.

Jaipur was about to arrive in the evening at 5:35 pm and my heart was beating with excitement. Being my native place, Jaipur has bestowed me with some of the wonderful reminiscence of my early days. It was the place of my playful childhood. Like me, for many, it is the wonderful part of the life, which lures them in every time. I showed it to my kids and they too were surprised to know that.

Ajmer arrived at late night say about 10:30 pm and it was probably the time to go off to be on early in the morning as Ahmedabad was about to arrive at 6:15 am. That was really a great experience in the train travel from Delhi to Ahmedabad by Ala Hazrat Express as it gave me to treasure my childhood once more. We plunged on the Ahmedabad station and searched for Hotel Avion Inn Ahmedabad, where the rooms were pre booked by my husband.


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