Jubilee Park Jamshedpur – An Ideal Place for Entertainment

The Jubilee Park Jamshedpur is also located in the middle of the city and that was a great thing because it reduced our travel time tremendously. Often, if the two places that we travel in the day are distant apart then much of the precious time will be spent in travel alone and that is not conducive if one wants to pack in many sightseeing in the trip. This trip to the park I knew for a fact would be very enjoyable for my kids because the list of attractions within the park premise were just the things that they loved to indulge in. Gifted by the Tata Steel Company on the completion of 50 years of its establishment to the city of Jamshedpur, the park came into existence by the year 1958.

It covered a huge expanse of land – an area of 237.75 acres to be exact as recorded in the Information Board of the park. Because of the opulence of the park, it is also referred to as the Mughal Gardens. Some of the beauty of the park can be credited to the Brindavan Garden of Mysore with which the park is said to be inspired. It was getting dark and the lights of the fountains were glowing in the dark and making the surroundings look extremely attractive. The Nicco Park or the recreational centre, which has amazing rides, was our first stop. The enthusiasm of the kids could not be contained any longer. The rides are all top notch and safety rules are being followed strictly, which was quite a relief. The other landmark places within the park premise are the Jayanti Sarovar, the Foliage Park and the Smriti Udyan. The evening was shaping up beautifully but if only this could continue forever.

With the Jubilee Park Jamshedpur, our trip was also threatening to get over fast. The next day we had to go to the Hudco Lake Jamshedpur and with it the trip would officially conclude. This remained at the back of our minds but just as they say that all good things come in small packages, I had no room for complaints.


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