Pahari Mandir Ranchi – For the Blessings of Lord Shiva

I had finally my share of relaxation and enjoyment in the trip. The past few sightseeing spots had been very enriching and we had some wonderful time as a family, something that we could not do in Delhi. Often, everyday pressures had their ways to sneak up to our lives and I am forever in guilt for not having devoted enough time to my family. But while in Ranchi, I was going to leave no stone unturned in having the most splendid time with my family members. The Pahari Mandir Ranchi was the set sightseeing for this day and all of us were excited for all that Ranchi had on offer for us.

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India is such a diverse and religious land that temples can be found in the remotest of areas and in cities proper too. This temple of Lord Shiva is situated at a hillock and is rather located in the middle of the city. The car reached on time for us to take to the Pahari Mandir and we too were right on schedule. It helps to be punctual for the sightseeing trips, and that way the meal timings do not get hampered and I like that particularly because it gives me an opportunity to experience the cuisine of the land. Even the kids have no habit of munching on chips and I ensure they too should try the various new dishes that are the specialty of the cities that we visit. The hillock I was told is called Richi Buru and is about 2140 feet high. There were some 468 steps, which would take us to the temple. A large number of tourists and locals gather in the Shravana month, when the devotees come from far lands to offer prayers to Lord Shiva.

At the step of the hillock is this lake called the Ranchi Lake, which was excavated in 1842 by Colonel Onsely. Atop the hillock close to the Pahari Mandir Ranchi if one stood, there were panoramic views of the city Ranchi. It was indeed beautiful – the sight from the height. The day just drifted so quickly that I realized we had to cover the Jubilee Park Jamshedpur before retiring for the day.


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