Nakshatra Van Ranchi – A Unique Park Based on the Constellation of the Zodiac

We had next our plan set to go to the Governor Residence to go to the Nakshatra Van Ranchi, which is a unique park constructed and maintained by the Jharkhand Forest Department. It is heartening to see that the government does take an active interest in conserving the environment, which I feel is the urgent need of the hour. But this park is more than an ordinary park constructed just to enhance the flora and fauna of the land. This park is based on the philosophies of Hindu astrology. The driver kept furnishing us with vital pieces of information, which made us very curious to see the place for ourselves.

Nakshatra Van Ranchi

Nakshatra Van Ranchi | Image Resource :

Some of the features of the park may have been inspired by the Zodiac Park in Bangalore. It required great contribution of the specialists and even scientists from the Institute of Astro-Physics to conceptualize the place. Although I knew that the park’s foundation stone was laid by Shri L.K Advani, the famous politician but the planks at the park informed us that it had been inaugurated by the Governor M. Rana Jois. The Information Board also indicated at the Van Mahotsav that took place during the inaugural ceremony. We entered the park and I was particularly taken aback by the beauty of the park. It looked extremely well kept and neat which is a far cry from parks that I have seen in other parts of India. The center of the park has these symbolic representations of various constellations, which not only are placed at the correct angles but also had specific trees and shrubs planted near them in accordance to the zodiacs.

Apart from this unique feature, the Nakshatra Van Ranchi also has beautiful fountains and wonderful landscaped gardens, which all of us loved. I also came across the garden that has a section of only medicinal plants, which are endorsed by the Ayurvedic Division of Medicine. Suitably the section has the statue of Dhanvantry – the God of Ayurvedic Medicine in the premise. The day concluded quite fast and we left the park to our next destination, which was Pahari Mandir, our next sightseeing place.


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