Hotel Accord Ranchi – For a Comfortable and Relaxed Stay

My alarm set off right in time. The station was Namkon and we were only 15-20 minutes away from the Ranchi railway station. I made sure that all loose luggages were repacked and all the belongings were back in our bags. The train was thankfully on time and my family and I stepped down in the railway station. I had asked for complimentary pick up from Hotel Accord Ranchi. The man with a placard in his hand bearing my husband’s name was presumably the man from the hotel. We were received well and taken to the hotel in no time for the hotel was not too far from the station. The fact that the hotel provided check-in and check-out facilities for the entire day were beneficial and we were shown to our rooms very soon. While the formalities were being carried out, I peeked in the services brochure of the hotel and came across Executive Halls being provided for conferences and other recreational activities like the Yoga Meditation Center.

Hotel Accord Ranchi

Hotel Accord Ranchi | Image Resource :

The outer façade was impressive enough and so were the interiors. The classy décor and the elegant surroundings of the hotel were also very commendable. I made a note of thanking the colleague who had suggested the hotel to me. We were ushered to our rooms and the ambience of the room was very inviting. The train journey had taken a toll on us and since we were not keen to go to the restaurant to grab our meal, we decided to call for the room service. All of us freshened up and almost as if on cue our food arrived. The food selection was done by me and I was happy with the choices that I made. To top it further the food was very tasty which all of us, especially children enjoyed very much.

Hotel Accord Ranchi is a reasonable place with ample facilities and superior services. Once we had rested, we made our sightseeing program. Our first trip in Ranchi was to be to the Jagannath Temple, Ranchi. It was nice to begin the vacation with the visit to the temple.


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