Sun Temple Ranchi – a temple which looked like a chariot

Ranchi was continuing to wow us with lovely sightseeing and great attractions. All of us were having a wonderful time and we were enjoying our time spent here a lot. The hotel had by far been very comfortable and nice and the hotel staff was extremely helpful and courteous. Prompt services in the morning and returning back to a neatly made bed after the daylong sightseeing are some of the features that I would remember the hotel for. This day we were to go to the Sun Temple Ranchi and like the previous day, we would have the opportunity to see the outskirts of the city. The natural beauty away from the hustle bustle of the busy city is always a treat.

Sun Temple Ranchi

Sun Temple Ranchi | Image Resource :

To ensure seclusion and serenity, the Sun Temple was recently constructed away from the city by the charitable fund Sanskrit Viha,r whose proprietor is Shri Ram Maroo, the MD of Ranchi Express. Such important information was supplied by the driver of our car. The uniqueness of the temple lay in the fact that the temple was constructed in the shape of a chariot with 9 sets of wheels and 7 life-like horses in front of the temple. It is the ideal depiction of the Sun God as written in the Vedas. The looks of the temple is breathtaking and worth visiting for all the tourists who visit Ranchi. The natural environment in the vicinity of the temple is breathtaking. The region is that of the Chhota Nagpur Plateau and the geographical beauty of the area is truly impressive.

The Sun Temple Ranchi is frequented by the Chhathavatris who are devotees and who take part in the Chhat festival. During the festival, people visit the pond, which is enclosed within the temple premise and they feel blessed by the divinity of the temple. We took several pictures of ours with the temple as the backdrop since the construction is indeed unique. But soon time beckoned us to move to our next sightseeing point – the Nakshatra Van Ranchi, which too seemed a very interesting place. Situated near the Raj Bhawan, the flora and fauna of the Van claimed to be in sync with the planets.


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