Jonha Falls Ranchi – For a Great Experience of Water Cascading

For the children accompanying us, the Science Centre was very enjoyable. But the Jonha Falls Ranchi is equally fascinating for tourists, I was told. The friendly chauffeur had warned us that it would take some time to reach the falls as it is located away from Ranchi in the Ranchi-Purulia Highway. The kids were so excited for this that despite being tired with all the activities they still kept themselves awake and enjoyed the scenery through the car window. A little later the car steered away from the highway into the interiors of nowhere but the noise of the falls could be heard at a distance. It was a clear signal that we had reached our destination.

Jonha Falls Ranchi

Jonha Falls Ranchi | Image Resource :

The atmosphere near the falls is completely different from anything that we had seen so far in Ranchi. The water rushing down in full force could be seen more closely and it required us to go down many steps. There is a clear shift in the weather. It is misty, cool and dewy. The beauty of the falls is truly captivating. We visited a nearby tourist lodge, which has a Buddhist Temple with the deity of Lord Buddha. Another temple and ashram is situated on the top of a hill nearby, which is for the followers of the Buddhism and tourists too. This hill is called Gautam Pahar where Lord Buddha is referred by his other name, Gautam and Pahar meant hill. This temple and ashram were constructed by Raja Baldevdas Birla’s sons. The receptionist at the tourist lodge informed us how a fair is organized here every Saturday and Tuesday. Nevertheless, it was neither of those day, and so we missed the opportunity to see the fair firsthand.

Because of the presence of the Buddha Temple, shrine and the ashram, the Jonha Falls Ranchi is also called the Gautamdhara Falls. Some also refer to the falls as the Hanging Valley Falls because it is formed by breaks in the slopes of the land. By then, the surroundings looked quite beautiful with the sun setting and we called it a day and planned to visit the Sun Temple, Ranchi the next day.


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