Ranchi Science Centre – To Titillate the Minds of Children

The new morning in Ranchi was very relaxing. The full night’s rest did wonders to our system and we were back in full form to enjoy the day’s activities. This day, I spent some of the morning to explore the rest of the hotel and was very satisfied by the standard of services that the hotel offered. Since we had set a certain time for the departure for the sightseeing, I had to cut short my tour and we all got ready in time to go to the Ranchi Science Centre. Managed by the Jharkhand Council on Science and Technology, the building is a storehouse of information and knowledge on science.

Ranchi Science Centre

Ranchi Science Centre | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The rental car took us to the Centre. It seemed like an ordinary building at first with only a couple of stories but from the moment we entered the premise and till the moment we bade it farewell, the place continued to amaze us with its various exhibits. The Centre is divided into three sections – the Resources of Jharkhand, a section called Fun Science and the last one – How Things Work. Since the entire day was at our disposal, we patiently viewed each and every exhibit in the three sections very minutely and carefully.

The Resources of Jharkhand has an amalgamation of the technical advancement and the natural resources of Jharkhand. Through the medium of quizzes, the curiosity of the visitors was piqued and the animations and replicas captivated everybody’s attention. The second section – How Things Work had exhibits explaining the theories and the working principle behind day-to-day objects and machines. This gallery has the maximum number of people visiting it. The last permanent gallery of the Centre- the Fun Science has a bit of fun element where interactive models are set up and they gave insight into the interesting aspects of life and science.

All in all, the trip to Ranchi Science Centre was very enlightening and enriching. We also saw the slides at the 3D Projection Theatre and browsed through the store to look for eclectic items. Soon it was time and we left for the Jonha Falls, Ranchi.


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