Jagannath Temple Ranchi – Enjoy Great Views on Top of the Hill

On request, the helpdesk at the hotel arranged us the conveyance to travel within the city. We made our way to the Jagannath Temple Ranchi. The driver seemed very experienced. Not only was he driving very carefully but he also continued his chatter about the place in general providing us important information about the places. The temple is a little in the outskirts so there was a fair bit of travel. But with the company of family, the journey passed away in no time at all. I learnt from the driver that the temple was built by the King of Barkagarh Jagannathpur and was called Thakur Ani Nath Shahdeo. The construction took place in the year 1691.

Jagannath Temple Ranchi

Jagannath Temple Ranchi | Image Resource : tourmet.com

We came to a place called Firayalal Chowk and close to it is the hill on which the temple is located. Although one could go up to the temple through the numerous stairs provided, we decided to take the car route to the temple since there were options of proper roads. This temple is remodeled on the Jagannath Temple Puri and much of the architecture is also based on the Puri Temple, but this temple in Ranchi is not as huge as the one in Puri. The other similarity between this temple and the temple in Puri is that the procession of the Gods called the Rath Yatra is also carried out in the similar fashion here. This yearly ritual is accompanied by a fair in the month of Aashaadhna and people visit the place in large numbers during that time. The ceremony is observed with great enthusiasm and devotion and is the highlight of the place.

Outside View Of Jagannath Temple Ranchi

Outside View Of Jagannath Temple Ranchi | Image Resource : panoramio.com

There were some repair work going on in the Jagannath Temple Ranchi because it is said that the temple was destructed for some reason in 1990 but with aid from the state and charities from various patrons, the temple was constructed back to its former glory. As the sun was setting in the background, the view from the hill seemed ethereal. With the conclusion of the day, the next day was set for the visit to the Ranchi Science Centre.


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