Deer Park, Varanasi – A Safe Dwelling Place for the Animals

Finally it was the last day of my stay in the heritage city, Varanasi. I had enjoyed my stay with my family in the city and had a lovely summer vacation. With all the religious, spiritual, literature related places being visited till now it was the time for some wildlife venture with a combination of spirituality. On the seventh and last day we decided to make a visit to the Deer Park in the city. There can be no better place for a visit if you want to see deer freely roaming in their natural environment in the presence of a Buddhist monarchy. Deer park unlike its name is a famous pilgrimage site from where Buddhism is preached all over the world.

Sarngnath is the Deer God and from here Sarnath is derived. The Deer Park of Sarnath is one such place where apparently Lord Buddha gave his first sermon and proclaimed the religion. Also the place is an abode for the herbivores animals where the deer roam freely, eat their food and lead a healthy life. The relaxing atmosphere with the ambience of Buddhism all over makes the place more enchanting and alluring. The Deer Park also hosts several colorful birds which flock within the park freely.

The park also contains a large Dharmekha stupa which was constructed by emperor Ashoka after he took his pledge to preach Buddhism. In the year 249 BC the monument was built in the Deer Park. From the ancient construction period, one can easily make out the antiquity of the place and its value. It was an exhilarating experience to view these things as such things are not widely seen everywhere nowadays.

The Government of India has now been taking stances to rebuild and maintain the Deer Park. For this purpose, a total budget of 1.89 crore has been allocated to the park authority. The park is now being developed to a tourism spot and therefore lot of investment is required. The renovation work has already been started with the initial deposit of Rs 50 lakh fund. Apart from a tourist point, the park will also develop a central zoo, children’s play center, habitat for crocodiles and fish aquariums. There is lot more to be seen in the Deer Park. All these can only be seen after certain duration.


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