Delicious Banarasi Foods at Varanasi – To Satisfy your Taste Buds

I am great lover of nature and its resources. The food practice of every state has fascinated me and I love to prepare them myself. As this time I was in a different city other than Delhi, I decided to take a rode through the city and its different food joints to explore the food habits and learn the methods of cooking the same. There are several hotels in Varanasi which offer special and authentic Banarasi food which are enjoyed by the local people and tourists.

The city is almost always filled with foreign tourists. People not only from other parts of the country but also from outside it come here to see the heritage beauty and experience the good quality food here. The foods served in the hotels have an ambience to provide the foodies a great sense of satisfaction.

Apart from all the high quality foods in the restaurants of Varanasi, there are several food joints in the streets of the city which will never fail to satisfy your taste buds. A place’s true food spirit can only be seen from the street foods. And this was my thought when I decided to take the plunge of going down to the street and try different foods at static and moving stalls n the market place. Papri chaat, tomato chaat and aloo chaat are the spicy and yummy food which I tried. The food is not uncommon to the people of India; however each state adds its unique spices to the food which makes them distinguished from each other. I had tried all these foods on the streets of Delhi as well but the fact which changed my perception of the taste was that I was in Varanasi and its spices are different than those of Delhi. The aloo tikkis were also served hot on the streets with flakes of chilly and cucumber slices with curd.

Aloo dum Banarasi is also a delighting food of this part of the country. Chili paste, jiggery and fennel are ground together to form a thick paste of gravy. This is added with stuffed potato to produce the aloo dum. Chokha bati, moong daal vadis, takenimona etc. are few other local cuisines of Varanasi.


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