Train Travel from Delhi to Varanasi by Dli Bsb Special Express

It was not for the first time that I took a break in the summer vacations to be with my family. We often plan to go somewhere, be it within my locality or outside it. Traveling has got its own charms always. However this time it was something special since we were traveling to the heritage city, Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Having stayed in Delhi for the most of the period, I have seen almost every hook and corner of the capital. Our trip was planned in the summers and we started for our budget expedition in the Dli Bsb Express.

Dli Bsb Special Express

Dli Bsb Special Express | Image Resource :

The train operates only on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I, my husband and my children started off the journey on a Saturday. The train started from Delhi station at about 2 pm in the midday. It was the month of March and therefore the heat was just setting in to the country’s capital. We had booked the tickets in the 3-tier air conditioned class. Apart from Delhi and Varanasi, the train covers only 5 junctions in between. Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Bareilly, and Sultanpur are the five junctions which the train crosses before reaching at the Varanasi Junction.

The entire journey was of 770 kilometers in distance. We reached at the Varanasi Junction on the next day at about 6 am in the early morning. It was a Sunday and the weather was pleasant in Uttar Pradesh. It sensed we have already landed in the heritage city, Varanasi which is known for its rich culture and fabulous food.

My journey in the Dli Bsb Express was indeed soothing. The train passed through several mountain ranges and varying landscapes. It was a pleasurable journey. The night spent in the train was also pleasing as we were provided with all the requisites one would need for a sufficing journey. I had carried food from home and therefore we didn’t feel the requirement to buy food from the train. However children had food from the local platforms. This train serves its passengers with great hospitality and doesn’t make anyone fall short for something. So it was an overall appealing experience.

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