Thornhill Mayne Memorial Hall Allahabad

It was time for us to visit the Thornhill Mayne Memorial Hall. I had searched about it already over the internet and found that it is a very fascinating place. I was lucky for having the opportunity to experience everything along with my family. I came to know from the locals that people also called it the Allahabad Public Library. I had made up my mind to visit the Thornhill Mayne Memorial Hall Allahabad as these kinds of places always have a strong place in my heart and fascinate me a lot.

Thornhill Mayne Memorial Hall Allahabad

Thornhill Mayne Memorial Hall Allahabad | Image Resource :

It is located at the Alfred Park and is designed by Richard Roskell Bayne. It is a very fine and fabulous example of the Scottish architecture. Mr. Mayne funded it at the time when he was the commissioner of Allahabad. It was opened in the memory of Cuthbert Bensley Thornhill. It had been the house of legislative assembly during the British rule when Allahabad was given high importance and served as the capital of United Provinces. The library consists of thousands of books of different types and different genres. It also has journals and ancient manuscripts. My eyes looked with much curiosity and I was awestruck to see so many books with each one providing different information. I firmly believe that an updated person is the smartest person and can walk above any rope in the journey of life. Being to the library was one of the best experiences of my life. The pillars of the library are awesomely constructed presenting a perfect example of Scottish architecture. I also noticed a lot of granite and sandstone work as a whole a beautiful piece of artwork to look at. The construction was completed somewhere around the 1870s.

From the information I accumulated from the internet, I knew that the Thornhill Mayne Memorial Hall Allahabad is very famous among tourists. I found it very true to my belief as there were people from different corners of the country along with many foreigners, mostly from Europe and USA. I decided to get hold of a cup of hot coffee so I went outside the gates. With the visit to the library our trip had come to an end. My kids were overjoyed with the experience that they gained from the entire journey.


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