Akshayavat Temple Allahabad – Holy Thy Name

We had been hearing a lot about the Akshayavat temple and knew that going there was worthy and far from the haunts of conscious materialism. So it was a sure shot plan to make it to the Akshayavat temple Allahabad. According to history, the Akshayavat was a holy sacred tree in Hinduism. It resembled the sacred Banyan tree. The place has a rich history. Once Lord Narayana flooded the entire world in order to show his heavenly power to Markandeya during which nothing but only the Akshayavat was above the water level.

Akshayavat Temple Allahabad

Akshayavat Temple Allahabad | Image Resource : 4.bp.blogspot.com

When we reached there, it was a pretty awesome site to look at. Though there were lots of people all around, still a calm atmosphere existed, which actually helped to build inner peace. Along with the calmness of the place I also noticed birds flying around in the sky and also a clear weather to back us up. Mixing all these up I was really enjoying my journey along with my sweet family members. The temple was called the Patalpuri temple within the Allahabad Fort. The number of people increased every minute as the Kumbh Mela was also going on. It was open during the Mela and pilgrims were constantly arriving. It was believed that the Srimad Bhagavatam was narrated to King Parikshit under this very particular tree by Shukdeva. The Akshayavat has been mentioned in the accounts of many foreign historians, authors and pilgrims. Only by visiting there, I got to know that it was an ancient temple and dated back to a very long time in history. The Akshayavat has also been mentioned in the accounts of Hiuen Tsang. Due permission has to be taken from Commandant Allahabad Fort’s Ordinance Depot in order to see this majestic heavenly tree.

Akshayavat Tree Allahabad

Akshayavat Tree Allahabad | Image Resource : outreachecology.com

Nevertheless, it was a good experience getting to see the Akshayavat temple Allahabad and also getting to know that the city of Allahabad, which were amazing. The temple reminded me of the rich old history that formed the very basic of this country and I felt that heritage is still given importance in India. I was just lost in all these thoughts when all on a sudden my kids hugged me telling they were hungry.


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