Checking at Hotel Prayag Inn Allahabad

Reaching Allahabad was a good new feeling and stepping on the land of Allahabad was more intense. The family on the train had recommended us a few hotels to stay, out of which we selected the Hotel Prayag Inn Allahabad. I admit it was not because we had less option but to know about the comfort Hotel Prayag provides within our budget.

Hotel Prayag Inn Allahabad

Hotel Prayag Inn Allahabad | Image Resource :

We were lucky enough because the family dropped us in their own vehicle waiting for them at the station. The Hotel Prayag Inn Allahabad is situated near the Indira Gandhi Chauraha opposite a radio station at Dayanand Marg. The rooms were well-equipped enough and also spacious. Since we reached in the evening, we decided not to trip on the first day rather stay and eat and relax to cut off the fatigue from the journey. The rooms were big enough and were provided with a television that would keep the kids calm. There was provision for hot or cold water and one single bath made me feel sleepy to get charged for the next day. The lobby was fabulous and spacious and after an evening cleanup, I sat there with a magazine alone to enjoy the vibe of the inn.

Then I noticed a travel log on Allahabad, which clearly mentioned about the local food, Jawahar Planetarium and New Yamuna Bridge. Since the first evening was an indoor plan and having read the travel log, the local food section excited me. So I quickly went back to the room, consulted with the rest and ordered for supper. The menu card had almost everything that one would expect from a hotel. The room that we booked had an air conditioner and the bathroom was big and clean. It was spacious and well-furnished too. Though I am not much of a makeup person, still I was happy to see a dressing table section existing in the room.

Staying in the Hotel Prayag Inn Allahabad was fun, reasonable and satisfying. We had trip plans for the next day and I was really excited about it and so were the rest. Hence, we decided to check out the day after tomorrow.


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