New Yamuna Bridge Allahabad – A Magnificent Structure

I was desperate and made it a point to visit the New Yamuna Bridge in Allahabad because I had been hearing about it from a lot of people. I came to know about its beauty from the newspapers and the internet. But what I actually saw after reaching the site was absolutely unbelievable. It is said to be the longest cable stayed bridge in the country.

New Yamuna Bridge Allahabad

New Yamuna Bridge Allahabad | Image Resource :

It was constructed with a plan to minimize traffic. The kids were totally stunned by its construction and the Yamuna River across which the bridge runs. I got to know from a local person that this bridge connected Allahabad to Naini. The bridge has separate lanes for bicycle and pedestrians, so I loved it a lot being a futuristic citizen. The sound of vehicles along with the sound of people along with the majestic sound of the Yamuna River, all accumulated to create one sound inside me. I thought whether this was the sound of God hinting me to do something good, giving me the permission to explore new ventures breaking free from all shackles of daily life and the monotonous schedule. The whole view of that place was simply set properly in my brains and I could not just forget it. I could feel myself totally fresh and out of the exam panic. The Yamuna Bridge is said to be the first six-lane bride in the country. It also serves as a road connector between Allahabad and NH 27. The bridge is a fabulous work of infrastructure and modern-day technological advancement.

My time spent around the New Yamuna Bridge with my family was once in a lifetime experience. After a whole day of travelling and scintillating experience, we returned to the inn and freshened up gradually. While the rest of my family was inside watching television in the room, I ordered for dinner and sat at the lobby again. This time I could not the find the travel log but then I realized I already experienced what the log had to offer after all and this was to become a strong feeling of remembrance being human. We had planned to visit the All Saint Cathedral the next day.


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