Finding Peace at All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad

We decided to continue our sightseeing journey by visiting the much heard All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad. It is also called Patthar Girja, which means the “Church of stones”. I was astonished to see its gothic style work of architecture, proper British style of architecture. According to history, the All Saints Cathedral was built by Sir William Emerson who was also behind the design of Victoria Memorial in Kolkata and the Crawford market in Bombay (Mumbai).

The work behind its construction started after the 1870s. The church’s anniversary is celebrated on the All Saints Day. It is situated at the very spacious centre of the crossing of two important and vital roads in Allahabad, which are the MG Marg and SN Marg. Sitting inside the church and experiencing its opulent work of design and architecture gave me a feeling as if I had travelled back in time during colonial India. Even after more than hundred years, the glass and marble work of the cathedral continue to keep its possession in terms of original state of built. The reasons behind the death of different British nationals have been depicted on plaques, which made me feel easier to connect to a closer understanding of the actual scenario.

The green garden surrounded the church and it was surely a different experience for me as I was lost viewing everything in very detail as much as I could. Due to that I was lagging behind the remaining members of my family sometimes. The pulpit was absolutely amazing to look at and the ambience of the Cathedral had an adverse impact on our minds and heart. Everyone was maintaining their part of silence, including the kids. It was very evident that Allahabad was given very high importance by the British. I could not simply forget the ambience around the cathedral and the gothic style of architecture, which just won me over. I had immense pleasure to visit the church and a bag full of memories about which I could think every time I wanted to. All minds turned peaceful and calm at the All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad.


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