Time to Enjoy Tasty Local Foods at Allahabad

The next morning, we booked a car for the whole day and doing this was within our budget. We had decided not to eat at the inn; instead, we preferred to go out and eat in order to get the vibe of the local place and the food habits that surrounded it. Allahabad was famous for its spicy food, including the various chats, bati chokhas, etc. It was certainly and surely time to enjoy tasty local foods at Allahabad.

We decided to go to the Chowk, which is famous for eateries. For our breakfast, we had hot kachauris along with aloo sabji from the Nirala Mishtan Bhandar. The food was served hot and it was easily guessed that it was perfectly fresh. The whole atmosphere of the place was magical so we were desperate to have bati chokhas and kulfi. The chowk is the main market of Allahabad, and it is a bazaar filled with shops, food stalls, chat stalls and other delicacies all around making it all together so much colorful to look at. I also noticed some of the local people there and everyone was friendly around. When asked, one of the locals wanted us to taste the Dahi Jalebi, which was a famous treat for the tourists who came to Allahabad with a plan to try out their local cuisine to the fullest.

To try kulfi we went to the Raja Ram Lassi Wala. We tried their famous mango kulfi and the experience simply took me over as that was the best kulfi I ever had. The taste stuck to my tongue like a paper sticks on glue. Finally, it was time for us to try the famous bati chokha. This was a very famous local dish in Allahabad. We were yet again recommended by a local person to try bati chokha from a shop near the high court. Bati was made up of wheat flour with various ingredients that were obvious to be their secret. On the other hand, the chokha was made up of mashed potato that tasted so well in the mouth. It was all together a whole new experience that I had and a new idea about food and the respect it gives while preparing.

It was a whole new experience trying to enjoy tasty local foods at Allahabad rather an experience to be remembered. Each and every food that we had tried was tasty in one way or the other and it was evident that the people in Allahabad were food conscious.


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