My Train Travel from Delhi to Allahabad by Mahananda Express

Hi, I am yet again back with my posts accounting the details of my exciting trip to Allahabad. It was a busy month at work with college exams setting a very serious ambience all around. This seriousness tied up like an unbroken chain at the very core of students and teachers cerebral and distorted the thought pattern of a few to some extent. After the exams saw its end, like always, I was dehydrated due to the stereotypical ways of my city and things going around as a whole. Out of nowhere, my family surprised me beyond imagination and planned for a trip to Allahabad. I was always fond of Allahabad and by the books I read about its culture, cuisine and traditions. The excitement took a toll on me, which directed towards a proper bag packing. We had to initiate the train travel from Delhi (DLI) to Allahabad (ALD) by Mahananda Express, which was supposed to depart from the Delhi station at early morning the day after.

Mahananda Express

Mahananda Express | Image Resource :

Like every time, I made sure that proper heavy breakfast was carried since it was an early morning train. We boarded the train by six and I experienced a sense of frolic having my family around, especially my kids sitting next to me munching their sandwiches. It was sharp forty minutes past six and the wheels started running. I had a newspaper that would set me free, though inside a train, but still updated; that is what a newspaper can do to one. It is very good, more like a time travel and adding to the point was my fondness to study and to know many things.

Fortunately, we got good co passengers, a family of five, who were also heading to Allahabad and had their ancestral home situated at the heart of the city. Starting a conversation with them was effortless due to their extreme good behavior and sense of virtue. We had a heavy breakfast to make sure that we need not get hungry again in this journey though munchies were also carried to satisfy our tiny food trips. We exchanged words with the family who provided us with basic information about Allahabad, its climate, people, food and places to stay. I tried to visualize it but the reality was to be witnessed upfront.

The train travel from Delhi (DLI) to Allahabad (ALD) by Mahananda Express had cut me loose and threw me towards fun. Time passed by without realizing and we reached Allahabad closer to six in the evening.

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