India attains glory through Indian English literature

I am a professor and have always been impressed by the diverse cultures and traditions of the diverse geographic regions of the world. Here I wish to share my insights regarding the Indian English literature, its evolution, and growth.

The literature reveals to the world the culture and tradition of any particular nation. The literature of most nations are in the native language of that particular region. The people who belong to that region can understand and relate to this kind of literature. The Indian English literature has evolved over a period of many decades deviating from all these rules.

How English Literature came to India?

India is a multilingual nation with several regional languages and dialects of which English is not one. The British ruled over most of India and that is how English came to India. Many Indians willingly learned this beautiful language and communication became possible between India and the outside world.

Indian English literature Books

Indian English literature Books | Image Resource :

Kashiprasad Ghosh is one of the first poets to write in Indian English literature as early as 1830. Sochee Chunder Dutt was the first fiction writer to contribute to Indian English Literature. Each Indian English writer had to face several challenges to make a mark in the world of literature. The writers were regarded as traitors to their own land as they wrote in a foreign tongue.

Great Writers of Indian English Literature

In spite of the opposition these writers had to face, these writers created a mark in the world of literature. Their writings reflected the Indian culture and the life of people from remote villages of India. Many social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy used their writing skills to bring about social change.

The modern writers are more courageous and understand their power and responsibility. Writers like Salman Rushdie and Arundhati Roy have made India proud by winning Booker Prize for their superior writings.

Our writers and their heart touching and praiseworthy novels, fiction and poems have made the world notice India in a different light. They keep reminding us why the pen is mightier than the sword in attaining respect and glory.

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