Tilyar Zoo Rohtak, Haryana is a perfect hub for a fun loving weekend

Rohtak was a small well developed city close to Delhi and had an extremely reputed cloth market, educational institutes and diaries. Our plan was to visit around most famous places of Delhi and the Tilyar Zoo Rohtak, Haryana was a good option for a pleasant and fun loving time with the children. The zoo was located in a small outlet but it had everything that tourists look for. Moving to a place like zoo was a great option for people of all ages. It was kids’ time to have fun in a huge extent and there were no barriers of rules and regulations for them. The zoo was surrounded by the lake called Tilyar Lake which had clear water and a resort attached to it. It had all the facilities and amenities like restaurants, park for children, cafes, shades and shelters for the tourists, etc. I liked the combination of all the things in the zoo which made it the perfect weekend destination for the inhabitants of Delhi and the tourists from outside the city.

Tilyar Zoo Rohtak Haryana

Tilyar Zoo Rohtak Haryana | Image Resource : ixigo.com

There were some small zoos with different kinds of amenities and places to capture nearby. I was surprised to know about the place, as very few tourists had the idea of where the zoo was located and what were its specialties. I was wondering if I could have visited the park in my childhood.

We could see various animals like Tiger, Black bear, Deer, Panther, Garial, etc. The lake near the zoo also had the facility of catching fishes through Angling. We learnt that one had to pay an entry fee of Rs 200 for catching maximum three fishes in a day. The size of the catch should not be less than 30cms as well. We did not have much time to enjoy fishing so we just had a watch on how other people were performing the activity and it was simply exciting. A multicolored day ended within a short time as it was just a few minutes ago that we started to travel all the local places of Haryana including the memorable Tilyar Zoo Rohtak, Haryana.

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