Sheikh Chilli ka Maqbara Kurukshetra, Haryana is a gift from Mughal Empire

After the Fort Kurukshetra, there was a the land of battle field where the legend battle of Mahabharata was held. It was also well known as a land where Lord Krishna preached and gave the message of ‘The Bhagvat Gita’ to Arjuna when he was in a dilemma. However, there were also some more places of interest which had not come to the knowledge of many tourists. One of them was the Sheikh Chilli ka Maqbara Kurukshetra, Haryana which was famous for the mausoleum of the great Sufi saints named as Abd ur Rahim.

Sheikh Chilli Ka Maqbara Kurukshetra

Sheikh Chilli Ka Maqbara Kurukshetra | Image Resource :

Since the monument opened at nine in the morning we left the Mahendragarh Fort quite early. We knew that it would require almost the whole day to cover the major places and parts of the monument. Fifty rupees per person was charged as an entry fee, which was very nominal to explore such a historical and one of the famous heritage of India. We hired a guide to know the history and background of the monument and the tomb of Sheikh Chilli. He started with an introduction of Abd ur Rahim popularly known as Sheikh Chilli who was a spiritual guide and teacher of Aurangzeb’s brother and a Mughal prince called Dara Shikh.

We could see the giant and the sophisticated architectural built of the monument which had the Persian influence and due these characteristics, it was also ranked second to Agra’s Taj Mahal.There was also Madarsa, an educational institution to study Islam, attached to the tomb. The Pathar Masjid was close to the left gate of the institution and was a small and elegant Masjid which was beautifully constructed with red sandstones. It had remarkable fluted minarets at the back wall, the ceiling and the pillars were carved in floral designs with inscribed Quran’s verses in the western waal of the mosque.

After grasping a long history of the Sheikh Chilli ka Maqbara Kurukshetra, Haryana we were exhausted as well as excited in the end. The experience was equally good to the other places of Kurukshetra and since I am born to travel, I remained spellbound after knowing a chapter of Mughal Empire.


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